Perfect Images Wedding Services
Start your wedding day the Perfect way at Perfect Images Salon!
Congratulations on your upcoming wedding! We offer many services for all of your wedding party needs; such as hair design, skin care and nail care. Follow our suggested timetable below to help bring together your beauty planning needs.

Bridal Wedding Planning Timetable:
# 1     Contact Us As Soon as you set your wedding date!
~ This way we can reserve your special date.
# 2     2 Months Prior Wedding Date
~ Confirm appointment & consultation
# 3     1 Month Prior Wedding Date
~Your consultation, see Pre-Bridal below
# 4    1-2 weeks Prior Wedding Date
~ Get your hair colored & cut, and any other pre-wedding desires such as waxing, lashes, massage
# 5    Start your Big Day the Perfect Way!
~ Bring button down shirt and make sure hair is clean and dry. An extra fee will be charged if we must wash & dry hair prior to styling.
~ Relax & Enjoy a private breakfast we have prepared for you and your party, while you mingle & take photos.

The Bride:
On your wedding day we will ensure that you have the look that you love! Pricing is determined at time of the pre-bridal consultation.

Pre-Bridal: $20.00
Whether you have a picture perfect idea of the look you want or are in need of some hair design advice, we will walk you through the process of choosing the style that is right for you. We suggest that you bring a picture of the hairstyles that you are interested in, a photo of your wedding gown, and any accessories you may already have purchased.

Your Bridal Party:
Price is determined by the style, length of hair, and accessories.
Flower Girl:

Your Nails: $17-$42 (see our menu for details)
When someone asks to see your ring, show off the beautifully manicured nails too!
Perfect Images will refine and beautify your hands and feet with our manicure and pedicure, and paraffin dip.

Your Skin Care: $25
Look radiant on the most memorable day of your life with a Perfect Images' Facial and Waxing Services.

Our Policies: